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Our beautiful Beachtown Galveston home is now being listed with Dianne McDonough of John Daugherty Realtors.

John Daugherty Listing

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”The world has discovered the Gulf Coast,” said James Gaines, research economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. ”You want a second home on the East Coast at an affordable price, and you’re not going to find anything. Here (Galveston), it’s still available and affordable.”

That quote is from the following article that ran in the New York Times on March 18, 2008. 

That quote is even more true today.  Galveston remains amazing affordable.   And Beachtown is the première community on the island.  And the Beachtown Dream Home offers one of the best SQFT values in the community.

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Beachtown Dream Home is officially listed on MSL and FSBO. See info below to visit these sites.



Houston Association of Realtors: MLS# 1635458
For Sale by Owner National Website:  ID# 22619177
http://www.TexasFSBO.com:  ID# 2296    

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Front facade view of Beachtown Dream Home


Check out the new pictures (March 20th) of the Beachtown Dream Home on the Gallery tab.  
Now that we have achieved dried-in status, we are turning our attention to the electrical and plumbing rough-ins.

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Amazingly enough...this picture of the Coastal Living Idea House 2008 was taken just a couple of weeks after the eye of IKE crossed over Beachtown Galveston. Like all homes in this community, this home, built to meet the Fortified(R) building requirements, withstood IKE's toughest punch.


There are many things in life we can control.  The landfall location of a major Hurricane isn’t one of them. The best defense one can take is to take preventive measures from the ground up.          

Developed by the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), the Fortified® program is a national, inspection-based initiative designed to increase homes’ resistance to natural hazards such as wind, fire and floods. Beachtown is the first entire community on Galveston Island affiliated with the Fortified® program.           

Fortified is the gold standard in disaster resistant construction.  Case in point, insurance companies in Florida and South Carolina already recognize the value and merit of this program and  give discounts on their homeowner premiums for building these stronger homes. Beachtown is partnering with IBHS to lobby Texas Insurance companies to start recognizing this program and to offer discounts as well for homes that meet the Fortified ® requirements.          

The Fortified program raises the home’s overall safety above the minimum requirements in state/local building codes. This is done by paying extra attention to areas especially vulnerable to disasters, including door and window openings, roof construction and attachment, foundation and even landscaping.          

Like all homes in Beachtown Galveston, this Beachtown Dream Home will not just meet, but in many cases exceed the Fortified program requirements.          

Here’s How:          

  • The first living floor is raised more than two feet above the base flood requirements and break-away walls on the ground floor. That means discounts by FEMA on Flood Insurance.
  • The entire structure is strengthened by taking measures that include exceeding IBHS’s wind speed requirements using concrete foundation and columns, steel window and door portals, and installing the strongest windows and doors available.
  • This home has been inspected by an IBHS appointed structural engineer (David Franklin) throughout the various phases of construction to make sure the Fortified requirements are met and the home construction adheres to the engineer’s plan.

The Fortified program ensures a much greater chance of your home’s survival in the event of a Hurricane and provides you with peace of mind.            

Read more about how homes certified under the Fortified ® program in Beachtown and on the Bolivar Peninsula withstood IKE’s strongest Punch.          

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The Beachtown Dream Home features an incredibly open floor plan with the Kitchen being the central hub.


One of our absolute favorite features of this home is the incredibly open floor plan on the first living floor.  Even though constrained by a narrow lot (just 40ft wide), we have successfully created a space where family members and friends can easily and comfortably gather and interact.  The first floor is literally one open room from front porch to back porch.  

Rather than the kitchen just being a working zone, it is really the hub of the entire first floor.  With our design, the kitchen offers a more modern relationship with the other surrounding spaces, including the built-in breakfast nook, the living room and back family room.        

After all, isn’t the kitchen were everyone ends up congregating anyhow?   

The first floor features a wide open floor plan that is perfect for families and entertaining.


The kitchen in this home will feature a sizeable island with plenty of stool seating, high-end cabinetry, professional stainless steel appliances, both a cleaning and prep sink, attractive lighting fixtures and plumbing hardware, and high-end countertops.        

Note: Our design inspiration for the kitchen (cabinets, countertops, tiles, etc.) came right from the movies.  I’ll write more about this later.

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Articles in the Winter edition of the Beachtown Tribune highlight building momentum.


It’s a simple fact.   The one-two punch of IKE and the downturn in the economy was devastating to the entire island and its amazing growth over the past couple of years.       

Prior to these two events, Beachtown had a long list of new homes in the design and permitting queue . Luxury high rise condos were going up one after the other on the East end. And the other new beach communities on the West End were also experiencing a building boom.       

After the hurricane and the downturn in the recession, building and interest in the island came to a screeching halt.       

Reading through the Winter Edition of the Beachtown Tribune newsletter, it looks like the build queue in Beachtown is picking up once again with six new homes either in the design or permitting stages.         

Note: I also heard that some amazing homes that were for sale are now under contract or have long-term renters.       

IMO, it really was just a matter of time before people started moving forward with their build plans. After all Beachtown is the premier coastal community in Texas.

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