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We had some great weather, clouds and sun over the past two weekends.  Such being the case, I took some new photos that really update  showcase how great this house looks against a beautiful blue Galveston sky.  Enjoy the slideshow and check out the updated shots in the gallery

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The East End Lagoons, which border the Beachtown community, have long has been a popular spot for kayaking, fishing, crabbing and bird watching.


Consultants, hired by Galveston Island Nature Tourism council and the city, have unveiled preliminary plans for the 686 acres of pristine coastal prairie known as the East End Lagoon preserve.  The initial plans call for building elevated boardwalks, camping shelters and an interpretive center to attract visitors to one of the few remaining natural environments in Galveston.  Potential future expansions could include an environmental education center, an outdoor classroom and a picnic area, among other things.  

Funding for this project would likely would come from some sort of public-private partnership between the city and some of Galveston’s leading foundations and endowments, as well as private donors.   

The East End Lagoons borders and extends into the Beachtown community.  The Beachtown Dream Home offers views of these lagoons from its many porches, particularly the tower porch and second floor back porch.  

Read the full article: Consultants unveil early plans for East End Lagoon by Rhiannon Meyers.   

The above picture is by Kevin M. Cox.

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Back in February, I wrote an entry about how the beaches in Beachtown grow on average more than 3 feet per year.  This is unique as most other beaches across Galveston are experiencing beach erosion between 3′ to 9′ per year.  It is one of the primary reasons why we decided to build the Beachtown Dream Home on the East side of the island in Beachtown.

Last week after one of the framing inspections, I took some time to  relax and walk along the coast with my border collie Skylar.  I was shocked to see how much the beaches have expanded and the dunes have grown just over the past week.  The following pictures highlight this amazing growth and how nature is quickly rebuilding the dunes in front of the Beachtown development. 

In fact, they are growing so much, I am now starting to wonder if the Beachtown folks made a mistake by shortening the dune walkovers when they rebuilt them after the storm! 

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Beachtown does a great job with their marketing.  You’ve probably noticed their ads in Coastal Living, the local Galveston publications and in some of the Continental Airline magazines.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some of their ads and articles to help highlight why Beachtown really is the new premier coastal community in the United States. 

Beachtown promotion highlighting real benefits of buying / building in this premier Gulf Coast community.


Key points: 

  • Beaches are expanding naturally more than three feet per year.
  • Designed by internationally recognized planner and architect Andres Duany.
  • Minutes away from Historic Galveston, the largest historic district in Texas.  Convenient to major airports and just minutes to the University of Texas Medical Branch.
  • First community in Galveston to be affiliated with Fortified…for safer living (R) program – so homes are rated to withstand 130-miles-per-hour winds with roofs securely fastened and sealed to resist wind and water and impact-resistant doors and windows and first floor supports at least two feet above FEMA’s base flood elevation. 
  • Galveston hs been listed in the CNNMoney.com “Best Places to Retire.”

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Occasionally, I hear people knocking Galveston because its water isn’t turquoise and its beaches aren’t powdery white.  Well, that is true for most beaches not featured on the Travel Channel.         

Still, the reality is that Galveston is amazingly beautify in its own right and these people are missing out.  Case in point, just look at this beautiful photo of the sun rising over the Galveston ocean.            

Cloudy sunrise off the Galveston Gulf Coast this morning.


Now…just imagine yourself enjoying that view every morning as you sit on your private bedroom porch with a piping hot cup of coffee listening to the crashing waves and morning songs of the local shore birds.              

This is what the Beachtown Dream Home offers and it could be yours.  Read on to learn more about this amazing under construction home…or fill out the online form on the Contact tab to start engage us directly.       

Note: Picture pulled from the Galveston Island Facebook Fan page.  Great site for those of you looking for more information about special events and activities happening on the island or for those of you looking to connect with other island enthusiasts.

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Visited Beachtown on Tuesday to check on progress and attend some meetings.    

It doesn't get any better than a day at the beach for Skylar.


This time, I took my border collie, Skylar.  According to him, there simply isn’t a better way to spend the afternoon than chasing the waves and biting the white caps.    

I can see his point.   

There is just something about being at the beach that takes you away from it all.  The sounds, the smells, the breeze.  My biggest priority was finding a whole sand dollar or a decent sized Lightening Whelk.   It was bliss.   

I hear a lot of people complain about Galveston beaches.  However, in my opinion, what it lacks in turquoise water or pristine white sand, it more than makes up for it in proximity and isolation.  Particularly on the East beaches…where few make the journey.   

Just one hour drive and you really are a million miles away.

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Great article about Beachtown Galveston in the February issue of the Islander Magazine

Islander Magazine Feb 2010 Article on Beachtown - Page 1 

 The article highlights how Beachtown has put Galveston and Texas beaches on the radar of vacationers and those looking for the perfect place to locate their coastal home.  Why?

  • 800 acre nature preserve home to over 500 bird species
  • The only accreting beach on Galveston island, where beaches grown (rather than erode) three to seven feet per year.
  • New Urban design by world-renowned master planning and design firm of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. (DPZ) – designers of Seaside and Rosemary Beach in Florida.
  • Inviting walkways, bike trails, parks, and green passageways.
  • Beautiful dune cross overs that are architectural icons.
  • Minutes away from Galveston’s Historic District, the Strand, 1894 Opera House, Cruise Terminal, and the University of Texas Medical Branch.
  • Homes built to the “Fortified…for Safer Living (R) program

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