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The East End Lagoons, which border the Beachtown community, have long has been a popular spot for kayaking, fishing, crabbing and bird watching.


Consultants, hired by Galveston Island Nature Tourism council and the city, have unveiled preliminary plans for the 686 acres of pristine coastal prairie known as the East End Lagoon preserve.  The initial plans call for building elevated boardwalks, camping shelters and an interpretive center to attract visitors to one of the few remaining natural environments in Galveston.  Potential future expansions could include an environmental education center, an outdoor classroom and a picnic area, among other things.  

Funding for this project would likely would come from some sort of public-private partnership between the city and some of Galveston’s leading foundations and endowments, as well as private donors.   

The East End Lagoons borders and extends into the Beachtown community.  The Beachtown Dream Home offers views of these lagoons from its many porches, particularly the tower porch and second floor back porch.  

Read the full article: Consultants unveil early plans for East End Lagoon by Rhiannon Meyers.   

The above picture is by Kevin M. Cox.


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The Pedal Party - something new to consider on the island.


Came across a Facebook posting about the Pedal Party being available at major events in Galveston – i.e. Mardi Gras and Dickens on the Strand.   Did anyone try it?     

At first blush…a 16 person bike and rolling bar sounds and looks like a blast.  But then after thinking about it some more, do I really want to be excercising in between drinks / pub visits?      

Watch a YouTube video on the Pedal Party    

Sober, this sounds like a blast especially if there was a tour associated or just a relaxing trip around Beachtown for example.   If I were drinking, I wonder if the novelty would wear thin?  Well…the people in the video seem to be having fun.     

Per the Pedal Party website:      

The Pedal Party, is a group-oriented amusement activity, similar to a Party Bus, unlike a Party Bus the Pedal Party is entirely pedal-powered, often called a Party Bike, based in Houston, Texas and servicing all surrounding areas. Our multi person bike holds up to 16 party goers, (that’s 15 seated and one standing in the middle as ‘Your Bartender’) Physically, its about the size of a cargo van and travels at an average speed of between 5 and 8 miles per hour. The Pedal Party can travel either on our pre-arranged routes or on a custom route of your choosing, assuming that there are no large hills or overly trafficked streets. Popular areas for Pedal Party tours are Downtown Houston, Midtown Houston, Kemah, etc… 
… Generally the Pedal Party is used as a safe, fun way to do a pub crawl/bar crawl or progressive dinner, but does not, necessarily, require stopping during the Cruise. …The Pedal Party being essentially a 16 person bike, is a very green and Eco friendly alternative to a party bus and as an extra bonus you get exercise while you party. You can think of the Pedal Party as a Party Bike, Beer Bike, Bike Bar, Group Bike or just plain fun.

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Okay...it certainly isn't as good as being there in person, but Galveston.com's web cams are a pretty nifty way to check out the island activity.


I really like the new online marketing and promotions by the good folks at Galveston.com.  Good example are their web cams positioned at numerous tourist spots across the island.     

They need one of these cameras in the new town center in Village one of  Beachtown!    

Check them out:  http://www.galveston.com/beachcam/

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Occasionally, I hear people knocking Galveston because its water isn’t turquoise and its beaches aren’t powdery white.  Well, that is true for most beaches not featured on the Travel Channel.         

Still, the reality is that Galveston is amazingly beautify in its own right and these people are missing out.  Case in point, just look at this beautiful photo of the sun rising over the Galveston ocean.            

Cloudy sunrise off the Galveston Gulf Coast this morning.


Now…just imagine yourself enjoying that view every morning as you sit on your private bedroom porch with a piping hot cup of coffee listening to the crashing waves and morning songs of the local shore birds.              

This is what the Beachtown Dream Home offers and it could be yours.  Read on to learn more about this amazing under construction home…or fill out the online form on the Contact tab to start engage us directly.       

Note: Picture pulled from the Galveston Island Facebook Fan page.  Great site for those of you looking for more information about special events and activities happening on the island or for those of you looking to connect with other island enthusiasts.

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Proposals are underway to get Galveston's charming Trolleys up and running again.


Another unfortunately victim of IKE was Galveston’s charming trolley system.   The city’s trolley fleet sustained significant damage and service has been suspended since the storm hit.    

The Galveston Island Trolley connects the historic Strand district on the north side of Galveston Island with the Seawall beach area and the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) — all just minutes from Beachtown, Galveston.  From a meandering one-way loop through the Strand, a single-track line runs east to UTMB, and a double-track line runs south to a smaller one-way loop at the Seawall. The total round trip distance is about 6.8 miles.    

The Galveston County Daily News recently reported that the city (Island Transit Authority) is actively developing a request for proposals seeking qualified firms to restore the trolleys. Both insurance proceeds and FEMA funds will be used to rebuild the fleet, employing newer propulsion technology, leading to greater efficiency.    

For more information on and pictures of Galveston’s Trolley’s:    

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Now that the Waterman is closed, are there any good restaurants left on the West end of the Island?


Had a conversation with someone who lives on the West end of the island the other day and learned that the Waterman Seafood Grill shut its doors last fall.  What a shame.  The Waterman was easily our favorite sit down restaurant choice when renting on the West end of the island.          

I also learned that the Captains Table shut down after IKE and some other West end Bistro — which was apparently good but that I had never tried — also shut down.       

This begs the question, are there any good restaurants left on the West end?           

Proximity to great restaurants is not a  problem for Beachtown.  Beachtown is just 5 minutes away from the numerous restaurants in the Historic District and the Strand, the Pier/Wharf, and those located on the sea wall.  Even closer is what is probably the single best collection of restaurants on the entire island…the Mosquito Cafe, the Sunflower Bakery and Cafe, and the Original Mexican Cafe –all conveniently located on 14th Street in the Historic District.       

14th Street = Good eatin!          

The Mosquito Cafe, just minutes from Beachtown, might be the best restaurant in Galveston.


While I can’t guarantee that this will ever happen, I have heard the Beachtown developer in the past talk about eventually having a top quality restaurant located in the Beachtown Town Center.  That will of course not happen until there is a threshold of residents in the community and the Palisades, Emerald, etc.  But eventually…it could happen.     

Note: Since posting, I was informed of a couple of good casual cafe’s and grills open for business on the West End:  Breeze’s Cafe, the Blue Water Grill and Cafe Michael Burger.  Thanks Galveston.com facebook poster. 

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