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The Beachtown Dream Home meets the Fortified...for safer living (R).


As I have documented in early posts,  this house is built to exceed the most stringent building codes.  Today we received our letter confirming that 810 Shiraz Passage (the Beachtown Dream Home) has earned the Fortified…for safer living(R) designation by the Institute for Business & Home Safety.      

I would never build or buy a home on the island that does not meet the requirements of this program.  I am extremely pleased and proud to have achieved it for the Beachtown Dream Home as this truly is the gold standard in quality construction.     

The Beachtown Dreamhome also received its Texas Windstorm Certification on 8/25/2010/

  • Read my earlier post about the Fortified…for safer living program.

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Beachtown Dream Home passes the Galveston Framing Inspection


Over the last two weeks we achieved dried in status and completed the electrical and plumbing rough in.   That means the framing is completed, the roof is on, the windows and doors are installed, the exterior siding and trim are attached, the electrical wiring is done, and the plumbing pipe work is completed. We are also nearly done with the AC/heating ductwork. 

Such being the case, it is time for a number of mandatory and self-imposed/extra inspections.  

The first of which was the Galveston City Framing Inspection, which was passed on 4-9-10.  (see photo) 

We also hired an established private building inspector to review the dried in structure components and the rough in components of the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.  He found a number of very minor issues which are being addressed.  We are expecting his final clean bill of health any day. 

We are also working on getting our Texas Windstorm and Fortified for Safer Living certifications.  We believe we will be getting the final approvals for Windstorm any day.  The Fortified for Safer Living certification is a bit more involved (from a paper work perspective), so that could take longer. 

More to come.

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Beachtown does a great job with their marketing.  You’ve probably noticed their ads in Coastal Living, the local Galveston publications and in some of the Continental Airline magazines.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some of their ads and articles to help highlight why Beachtown really is the new premier coastal community in the United States. 

Beachtown promotion highlighting real benefits of buying / building in this premier Gulf Coast community.


Key points: 

  • Beaches are expanding naturally more than three feet per year.
  • Designed by internationally recognized planner and architect Andres Duany.
  • Minutes away from Historic Galveston, the largest historic district in Texas.  Convenient to major airports and just minutes to the University of Texas Medical Branch.
  • First community in Galveston to be affiliated with Fortified…for safer living (R) program – so homes are rated to withstand 130-miles-per-hour winds with roofs securely fastened and sealed to resist wind and water and impact-resistant doors and windows and first floor supports at least two feet above FEMA’s base flood elevation. 
  • Galveston hs been listed in the CNNMoney.com “Best Places to Retire.”

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Amazingly enough...this picture of the Coastal Living Idea House 2008 was taken just a couple of weeks after the eye of IKE crossed over Beachtown Galveston. Like all homes in this community, this home, built to meet the Fortified(R) building requirements, withstood IKE's toughest punch.


There are many things in life we can control.  The landfall location of a major Hurricane isn’t one of them. The best defense one can take is to take preventive measures from the ground up.          

Developed by the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), the Fortified® program is a national, inspection-based initiative designed to increase homes’ resistance to natural hazards such as wind, fire and floods. Beachtown is the first entire community on Galveston Island affiliated with the Fortified® program.           

Fortified is the gold standard in disaster resistant construction.  Case in point, insurance companies in Florida and South Carolina already recognize the value and merit of this program and  give discounts on their homeowner premiums for building these stronger homes. Beachtown is partnering with IBHS to lobby Texas Insurance companies to start recognizing this program and to offer discounts as well for homes that meet the Fortified ® requirements.          

The Fortified program raises the home’s overall safety above the minimum requirements in state/local building codes. This is done by paying extra attention to areas especially vulnerable to disasters, including door and window openings, roof construction and attachment, foundation and even landscaping.          

Like all homes in Beachtown Galveston, this Beachtown Dream Home will not just meet, but in many cases exceed the Fortified program requirements.          

Here’s How:          

  • The first living floor is raised more than two feet above the base flood requirements and break-away walls on the ground floor. That means discounts by FEMA on Flood Insurance.
  • The entire structure is strengthened by taking measures that include exceeding IBHS’s wind speed requirements using concrete foundation and columns, steel window and door portals, and installing the strongest windows and doors available.
  • This home has been inspected by an IBHS appointed structural engineer (David Franklin) throughout the various phases of construction to make sure the Fortified requirements are met and the home construction adheres to the engineer’s plan.

The Fortified program ensures a much greater chance of your home’s survival in the event of a Hurricane and provides you with peace of mind.            

Read more about how homes certified under the Fortified ® program in Beachtown and on the Bolivar Peninsula withstood IKE’s strongest Punch.          

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Great article about Beachtown Galveston in the February issue of the Islander Magazine

Islander Magazine Feb 2010 Article on Beachtown - Page 1 

 The article highlights how Beachtown has put Galveston and Texas beaches on the radar of vacationers and those looking for the perfect place to locate their coastal home.  Why?

  • 800 acre nature preserve home to over 500 bird species
  • The only accreting beach on Galveston island, where beaches grown (rather than erode) three to seven feet per year.
  • New Urban design by world-renowned master planning and design firm of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. (DPZ) – designers of Seaside and Rosemary Beach in Florida.
  • Inviting walkways, bike trails, parks, and green passageways.
  • Beautiful dune cross overs that are architectural icons.
  • Minutes away from Galveston’s Historic District, the Strand, 1894 Opera House, Cruise Terminal, and the University of Texas Medical Branch.
  • Homes built to the “Fortified…for Safer Living (R) program

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