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Visited Beachtown on Tuesday to check on progress and attend some meetings.    

It doesn't get any better than a day at the beach for Skylar.


This time, I took my border collie, Skylar.  According to him, there simply isn’t a better way to spend the afternoon than chasing the waves and biting the white caps.    

I can see his point.   

There is just something about being at the beach that takes you away from it all.  The sounds, the smells, the breeze.  My biggest priority was finding a whole sand dollar or a decent sized Lightening Whelk.   It was bliss.   

I hear a lot of people complain about Galveston beaches.  However, in my opinion, what it lacks in turquoise water or pristine white sand, it more than makes up for it in proximity and isolation.  Particularly on the East beaches…where few make the journey.   

Just one hour drive and you really are a million miles away.


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Beach erosion is a consistent and concerning problem for most of the Gulf Coast, including Galveston Island.   Just do a “google” search and you will quickly come across studies and articles documenting erosion rates across most of the island of between 3 and 10 feet per year.          

the beach in front of Beachtown Galveston is growing...not eroding.


In 2008, IKE made this situation even worse.  The beaches in front of the seawall were simply washed away.  See before and after photos on the USGS website.           

In early 2009, the Texas General Land Office decided to reclaim some of the sand that was lost.  Over 4,000 cubic yards were mined offshore and moved onshore.  Nearly two miles of beach in front of the seawall were restored. It was truly an impressive effort.          

Of course, if you are a frequent visitor to the island and the beaches, you are probably asking yourself “what happened to all that sand?”          

Much of that reclaimed sand has disappeared yet again.          

Well…I’ve got a hunch that it ended up back on the east end of the island, as the beaches in front of the Beachtown community are now exceeding their pre-IKE widths.  Not to mention that the beautiful Beachtown dunes are also largely restored.          

Simply put, rather than erosion, the beaches on the east end of the island and specifically in front of Beachtown, Galveston continue to grow.   This was one of the key selling points when we were considering  Beachtown vs. Beachside and Point West.   See the excellent Beach Growth Chart on Beachtown Galveston website.          

Sand washed away under the foundation

The beaches in front of other Galveston coastal communities are eroding. IKE didn't help. The high waters from IKE washed out the sand from under the foundation of this home on the west side of the island. The foundation remains are piled to the right of the home.


The geotubes on the west side beaches were no match for IKE.  They were simply torn apart leaving the homes exposed.  As the picture above and this YouTube video highlight, beachfront homes in Beachside actually had the sand completely washed away from under their foundations.  Not good!          

The growing beaches on the east end of the island is just one reason why Beachtown is clearly the best place to build / live on the island.          

Stay tuned for more reasons in future postings.          

To learn more about this under construction home, select the contact tab at the top of the page and complete/submit the form.

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