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”The world has discovered the Gulf Coast,” said James Gaines, research economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. ”You want a second home on the East Coast at an affordable price, and you’re not going to find anything. Here (Galveston), it’s still available and affordable.”

That quote is from the following article that ran in the New York Times on March 18, 2008. 

That quote is even more true today.  Galveston remains amazing affordable.   And Beachtown is the première community on the island.  And the Beachtown Dream Home offers one of the best SQFT values in the community.


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As was the case for many custom home builders, the amazing kitchen design of the Nantucket home featured in this movie inspired our own kitchen design.


While Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton might be the leading actors in this movie, in my opinion the house is really the star.  The Nantucket home is just amazing and was our inspiration for our kitchen design, fixtures and finishes.    

While our kitchen won’t look exactly the same, once finished, it will have a very similar look and feel, which I think is the ultimate mix of sophistication and beach style.   

Here are some stills of the star kitchen from this movie.  Enjoy.   

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The Elevette® 200 features smooth hardwood veneer panels with square, flush corners. It can be finished to compliment the look and feel of the rest of the home.

Although the Beachtown Dream Home is being built without an elevator, it has been designed and prepped for an elevator should the future owner wish to install one.    

The location of the potential elevator shaft is toward the back of the home and would stop on the ground, first and second living floors.   The tower would only be accessible via the full-sized stairwell.        

We have specifically designed our elevator shaft  for the installation of an Inclinator Elevette 200 residential elevator.

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Back in February, I wrote an entry about how the beaches in Beachtown grow on average more than 3 feet per year.  This is unique as most other beaches across Galveston are experiencing beach erosion between 3′ to 9′ per year.  It is one of the primary reasons why we decided to build the Beachtown Dream Home on the East side of the island in Beachtown.

Last week after one of the framing inspections, I took some time to  relax and walk along the coast with my border collie Skylar.  I was shocked to see how much the beaches have expanded and the dunes have grown just over the past week.  The following pictures highlight this amazing growth and how nature is quickly rebuilding the dunes in front of the Beachtown development. 

In fact, they are growing so much, I am now starting to wonder if the Beachtown folks made a mistake by shortening the dune walkovers when they rebuilt them after the storm! 

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Beachtown Dream Home passes the Galveston Framing Inspection


Over the last two weeks we achieved dried in status and completed the electrical and plumbing rough in.   That means the framing is completed, the roof is on, the windows and doors are installed, the exterior siding and trim are attached, the electrical wiring is done, and the plumbing pipe work is completed. We are also nearly done with the AC/heating ductwork. 

Such being the case, it is time for a number of mandatory and self-imposed/extra inspections.  

The first of which was the Galveston City Framing Inspection, which was passed on 4-9-10.  (see photo) 

We also hired an established private building inspector to review the dried in structure components and the rough in components of the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.  He found a number of very minor issues which are being addressed.  We are expecting his final clean bill of health any day. 

We are also working on getting our Texas Windstorm and Fortified for Safer Living certifications.  We believe we will be getting the final approvals for Windstorm any day.  The Fortified for Safer Living certification is a bit more involved (from a paper work perspective), so that could take longer. 

More to come.

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The Pedal Party - something new to consider on the island.


Came across a Facebook posting about the Pedal Party being available at major events in Galveston – i.e. Mardi Gras and Dickens on the Strand.   Did anyone try it?     

At first blush…a 16 person bike and rolling bar sounds and looks like a blast.  But then after thinking about it some more, do I really want to be excercising in between drinks / pub visits?      

Watch a YouTube video on the Pedal Party    

Sober, this sounds like a blast especially if there was a tour associated or just a relaxing trip around Beachtown for example.   If I were drinking, I wonder if the novelty would wear thin?  Well…the people in the video seem to be having fun.     

Per the Pedal Party website:      

The Pedal Party, is a group-oriented amusement activity, similar to a Party Bus, unlike a Party Bus the Pedal Party is entirely pedal-powered, often called a Party Bike, based in Houston, Texas and servicing all surrounding areas. Our multi person bike holds up to 16 party goers, (that’s 15 seated and one standing in the middle as ‘Your Bartender’) Physically, its about the size of a cargo van and travels at an average speed of between 5 and 8 miles per hour. The Pedal Party can travel either on our pre-arranged routes or on a custom route of your choosing, assuming that there are no large hills or overly trafficked streets. Popular areas for Pedal Party tours are Downtown Houston, Midtown Houston, Kemah, etc… 
… Generally the Pedal Party is used as a safe, fun way to do a pub crawl/bar crawl or progressive dinner, but does not, necessarily, require stopping during the Cruise. …The Pedal Party being essentially a 16 person bike, is a very green and Eco friendly alternative to a party bus and as an extra bonus you get exercise while you party. You can think of the Pedal Party as a Party Bike, Beer Bike, Bike Bar, Group Bike or just plain fun.

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Okay...it certainly isn't as good as being there in person, but Galveston.com's web cams are a pretty nifty way to check out the island activity.


I really like the new online marketing and promotions by the good folks at Galveston.com.  Good example are their web cams positioned at numerous tourist spots across the island.     

They need one of these cameras in the new town center in Village one of  Beachtown!    

Check them out:  http://www.galveston.com/beachcam/

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